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Businesses require a great deal of planning before implementation. This is the first step towards a successful solution which will play a very significant role. Collecting requirements, business rules and systems requirements to map the workflow for review by the business and all teams is the analysis phase of system design and consists of discovery meetings with users, to define the goals and deliverable.

It then moves into the granular details of mapping the process, defining ownership and collecting the associated documentation, forms, contents and business rules to be managed through the business process cycle.


To ensure a successful implementation in this dynamic market it is important to source the right vendor with the right skills. We believe that the first step to providing good business communication is by evaluating what your specific requirements are and consulting with you in order to offer knowledgeable advice on the best solutions for your requirements and your existing infrastructure.


HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics is committed to the development of its products and supported by a team of software specialists who carry continuous development on the product. This incorporates new features to the software, fulfils the emerging needs of our customers and complies with any new standards and requirements that may appear.


HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics provides its clients with professional training programs and product materials designed to advance and improve the staff knowledge and skills as a value added service to its products to make sure that the highest ROI is provided.


HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics is committed to serve our clients whenever they need technical support to ensure that they get the best quality service needed. Our well-trained technical support professionals are ready to assist you wherever you are.


HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics has developed interfaces to the most popular financial and other systems in the industry.


Experienced field analysts are trained to integrate the HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics from the portfolio with your existing systems. They can assist you in all manner of tasks that will ensure you operate the products effectively. To ensure that you are aware of all that this entails, we supply you with a comprehensive “check list” of installation tasks. Once the solution has been installed, the analyst will not leave your site until you have confirmed and signed that all the tasks on the list have been completed satisfactorily.

Services & Benefit
  • Multi-user & Multi Location Operations
  • Multiple Currency Payments
  • User-defined different levels of security.
  • Password Security as per Global Security Standards
  • Data integrity checks and validation checks at all levels
  • Export of data to other programs like WORD, HTML or EXCEL for offline analysis
  • The basic currency for reporting in the system is the local currency only
  • Number of columns for 9 different variable allowances and deductions.
  • SOX Compliant Audit trail on different user level for Changes in transactions, master and security violations. The log report contains the details of changes w.r.t. users, date & Time.
  • System Set up like the Company name & address, corporate rules like leave slabs, gratuity slabs, fixed OT rate, Calculation methods like monthly /Yearly/fixed number days, this can be setup by setting up the system calendars.
  • Additional 9 types of fixed allowances & deduction (apart from standard earnings like basic, house rent allowance and conveyance allowance)
  • Setup of Gratuity slabs (as per the local Labor law) and the leave day’s slabs as per the law or Company policies.
  • Appropriation of Salary for different departments at actual.
  • Auto Creation of Accounting Journal Vouchers
  • Automated approval process
  • Email Employee salary statement
  • No Software license fees. Pay-As-You-Go ( Optional)
  • No Server Cost and Related Maintenance.
  • No Installation or Upgrade
  • Always updated with current legislations
  • Access your data anytime anywhere
  • Remote process your payrolls
  • Automatically records maintenance and data back ups
  • User-defined earnings and Deduction types
  • Bulk Employee earnings and update of Deductions
  • Provides customizable tax table that supports tax for any Region
  • Comprehensive Loan Manager with ability to stop a loan or documented loan balance refund by Employee
  • Complete Pension, Gratuity, Leave (Annul/Public Holiday/Weekly off & Extra Hours), Ticket and Module with tracking for Availed & Encashment.
What we do

HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics serves and secure Managing Human Resources over Cloud using Microsoft latest technologies. HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics certainly the most prominent and customizable Human Resources management software solutions. Through managing resources In contrast maintaining the highest user satisfaction and ROI.

HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics developed, designed and Implemented by Cell Photonics team with an in-depth Knowledge in Human Resources management and technology.

HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics focuses on continuous improvements and endless research & developments to offer our customers innovative solutions.

Why we do it

Getting the comprehensive automation tools that can effectively help you to expanding client business thereby increasing employee productivity, satisfaction and minimizing the cost. Now it is client opportunity to avoid costly start-up investments and important advantage is that users can access the system securely anywhere in the world. HR Surface a product of Cell Photonics Solutions, client can effectively maximize business productivity and minimize business cost by reducing the licenses cost and eliminating maintenance costs.

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